What tom cruise wears?

What tom cruise wears?

Tom Cruise has been seen wearing various types of leather jackets throughout his career, each suited to the specific roles he has portrayed. While it is difficult to pinpoint a single type of leather jacket that he exclusively wears, there are a few styles that have been commonly associated with him:

1. Bomber Jacket: Tom Cruise has often been spotted wearing classic bomber jackets in films like "Top Gun" and "Mission: Impossible." Bomber jackets feature a cropped length, ribbed cuffs and waistband, and a front zipper closure. They are known for their versatile and timeless appeal.

2. Motorcycle Jacket: As an avid motorcyclist, Tom Cruise has sported motorcycle jackets in films like "Mission: Impossible" and "Knight and Day." These jackets are characterized by their asymmetrical front zipper, notch lapels, and multiple pockets. They often have a rugged and edgy look, perfect for portraying action-packed roles.

3. Racer Jacket: Tom Cruise has also been seen wearing racer jackets, which are similar to motorcycle jackets but without the heavier hardware and details. Racer jackets typically have a more streamlined and sleek design, with a front zipper and a band collar. They offer a classic and minimalist style that is both versatile and timeless.

4. Leather Trench Coat: In movies like "Interview with the Vampire" and "War of the Worlds," Tom Cruise has worn leather trench coats. These coats feature a longer length, button or belted closures, and a sophisticated and dramatic look. Leather trench coats add a touch of elegance and luxury to his on-screen presence.

It's worth noting that Tom Cruise's jacket choices can vary depending on the character he is portraying and the specific requirements of the film. His style has evolved over the years, showcasing his ability to adapt to different fashion trends and character aesthetics.
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